Presenting “How to Disappear Completely” / San Sebastian / Spain

The “Film-Expedition*. Notes on How to disappear completely” will feature the producer Luis Miñarro, who will talk about new production models, and the actress Nathalia Acevedo, who will introduce the film Post Tenebras Lux and will join the How to disappear completely team in talking about some of the key features of this production, in a seminar that will end with the screening of this film at the Trueba Cinema.

SEMINAR, Wednesday 19 June
11.30 Introduction – Antonio Macarro and Maialen A.C.
12.00 “New production models” – Luis Miñarro
16.00 Presentation of the film “Post Tenebras Lux” – Nathalia Acevedo
16.30 Screening of “Post Tenebras Lux”. Carlos Reygadas, Mexico 2012. 120 min.
19.00 Presentation of the film “How to disappear completely” – Nathalia Acevedo and team.
22.00 Screening “How to disappear completely” at the Trueba Cinema.